• Wear Life Armour bracelets to help you through tough times.
  • Use them to honor a loved one’s memory in Christ’s name.
  • Wear Life Armour Bracelets as a reminder of strength in adversity.
  • Incorporate meaningful colors for your next fundraising event.
  • Use them to raise awareness about your product, service, or cause.
  • Wear Life Armour bracelets to celebrate special dates & events.
  • Use them to raise Christian awareness and spread God’s message.


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"Havelock football is based on Faith, Family and Football. Life Armour and my favorite scripture, John 14:6, which is tatooed on my arm to let me know why we are really here. Not to win football games, although that is great! We are here to win souls for Christ!"
- Jim Bob Bryant, Head Coach at Havelock High School and 2011 & 2013 NC AP Coach of the Year
"I love the message of Life Armour. As Christians we are supposed to be bold about our faith and what better way to do that than wearing your faith were everyone can see it. Not only is it a great way to start a conversation about Jesus but it's a way to say I am a follower of Christ!!"
- Nate Forse, Owner of Forse Healthy Lifestyle Training, Chicago, IL
"Life Armour is a daily reminder of the life of Christ. It signifies what he believed in and how much he loved us. He paid the ultimate price for us to have salvation. We must never forget that. A few years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The Lord's love gave me strength and hope even in my darkest days. My Life Armour was a constant reminder that he is always in control and has the final say. It is because of him that I am now 2 years cancer free! I love my Life Armour!"
- Ashley Evans, Cancer Survivor
"Life Armour wristbands are a Powerful Witness to the life and character of Jesus Christ.These wristbands are a great point of contact for me to develop a personal relationship w Jesus daily.Thats why we pass them out- so others have an opportunity to respond to this Witness tool."
- Todd Lalich, FCA Spokesman and High School Football Coach at West Springfield High
"Life Armour is so much more than just a wristband. It’s a symbol of who I am as a Christian. I’m someone who is not afraid to proclaim God’s name but I don’t like to force anyone to the gospel…by wearing this wristband it’s a great non aggressive way to share His gospel. I love it when people ask about my wristband. I enjoy telling them about each symbol and then I’ll offer it to them. I wear mine everyday!"
- Kevin McMillan, State Farm Agent, Newton, NC
For me, it signifies the life of Jesus Christ and the impact He has had around the world. My own personal faith in Christ has definitely impacted my whole life. When I wear the bracelet, it reminds me that, with the Lord at my side, I can accomplish more and also endure more than I ever imagined. The bracelet alone is just a bracelet; yet, accompanied with my spiritual faith and my own personal time in prayer, it becomes an outer expression of hope. I believe, with the Lord in your life, you will always have His eternal love and peace. Symbolically, wearing a "Life Armour" bracelet only glorifies that message.
Toni Cannady